( Duration: 50 mins / show )

        Northern Vietnamese Folk Music: The traditional operetta is a folk theatrical art form of Vietnam. It is developed highly, rich in ethnography, popular and considered a stage form of festival and using polytechnic and polysemantic words in combination with image language.



1.   Prelude by Uncle "Teu" - bounding the festival flag: “Teu” is the name given to a puppet that is a young, healthy and humorous. He’s also a mischievous M.C, a friend of the poor. Accompany with festival, the folk stage is decorated by colorful festival flags. In the beginning part, the image of flags raised from the water without wetness is a unique creation which is a curious thing with any audience.

    2.    Dragon dance: The dragon in Vietnamese mind is very holy. According to the folk legend, Dragon and Fairy descendant is the origin of Vietnamese. The most colorful and beautiful act of water puppet is dragon breathing fire, water and playing to each other.

    3.    Unicorn dance: According to Orient faith, Unicorn is one of four mascots. Two Unicorns fighting for the ball make us associating with the fight in our life, sometime it’s drastic but interesting in colorful light and music.

   4.    Phoenix dance: A couple of phoenixes symbolizing noble bird are swimming in peaceful and happy context with music. They represent the immortality of love, nobility, romance, charm and elegance.

     5.    Agricultural work: Daily works of Vietnamese peasants including tilling, bailing, harvesting and so on “the image of industrious and hard-working Vietnamese peasants in the fields".

     6.   Chasing fox away from the flock of ducks: A couple of peasants raising ducks represent the picture of raising poultry peacefully. Suddenly, a dishonest fox appears and catches their duck. This act is one of the most special techniques in water puppet show: the fox swims to catch the duck, and then he hides behind the bush, climb up a tree, until he catches the duck and carries up to the tree. The interesting act provokes and attracts any audience.

    7.    Fishing: Fishes are swimming; a couple are sitting on a small boat to fish, a peasant is shoveling tiny shrimp; a guy is upturning fishing-basket and teasing a girl. All is a lively picture about farming.

8.    8. Le Loi returning the sword:  According to the history, Hero Le Loi caught a holy sword by chance and he led the resistance war. After he defeated the invaders and proclaimed himself the king. Once, when King was taking a boat trip on the lake, a huge tortoise seized the holy sword. Then the lake named “Hoan Kiem Lake” or “Sword Lake”.

     9. Octet performance - eight kinds of musical sounds: A folk orchestra consists of traditional instruments of Vietnam preserved and displayed for many generations. The unique tone is made by action of puppets creating a happy and funny atmosphere.

    10.  Fairies dance: “Tay Vuong Mau” teaches fairies to dance in the palace. By the technique of using pulley, the dance acts are all very beautiful and charming representing happiness.

     11.  Four sacred animals (Dragon – Unicorn – Tortoise – Phoenix): Their appearance reflects the supernatural power, the symbols in pagodas or temples of Vietnam. Their gathering praises the beautiful life and nature.

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